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Whole school Challenges

During the continued lockdown for the next few weeks we have decided to set some challenges for children to complete, if wanted. Each week we will be uploading a challenge on our website in the home learning section. Once completed please email a photo or scan of their work to Miss Petra We will choose a selection from each class to show on the website.

Challenge 1

Let your imagination go wild! Create a journey using different modes of transport - the crazier the better!

Draw yourself as a stick person at the bottom left of your page and then your house/friend's house/palace/ school/ castle/ planet in the top right corner. Trace a meandering route from start to end and fill in your journey with lots of different ways of travelling. You could do a route including your favourite animals or landmarks from around the world!

Picture 1 Ayaan Y3E and Ariana RecT
Picture 2 Emerick Y2D
Picture 3 Ilyas Y4D
Picture 4 Jasminder RecH
Picture 5 Naseema Y3E

Challenge 2

This is a chance to get really creative and “think out of the box” as well as learn a new skill. Use a camera or phone (ask your parents before use) and take a photo linked to one of the following titles. Take a photo of something in your environment that represents the title or create an art piece and take a photo. Be original!

  1. Beautiful
  2. Circles
  3. Play
  4. Colour
Picture 1 Camille Y4A - Colour
Picture 2 Edward RecT - Play
Picture 3 Zinedine Y2H, Rafa Y2D and Sofiya RecT - Colour
Picture 4 Emerick Y2D - Circles
Picture 5 Kian Y1D - Beautiful
Picture 6 Jasminder RecH - Colour
Picture 7 Miroslav Y3E - Circles
Picture 8 Arthur RecH - Beautiful
Picture 9 Florence Y2H - Colour
Picture 10 Miroslav Y3E - Play
Picture 11 Kian Y1D - Colour
Picture 12 Saeed Y2D - Beautiful
Picture 13 Omid Y4D - Colour
Picture 14 Arthur RecH - Beautiful
Picture 15 Jacob Y3G - Circles
Picture 16 Jacob Y3G - Play

Melody Y3G - Beautiful

Still image for this video

Challenge 3

Friday 8th May is the 75th anniversary of V E Day (Victory in Europe Day). I would like you to find out about V E day and have a go at some of the activities. Why don't you design a medal or make a spitfire. You could even research some wartime recipes and have a go at baking one! Have a look at our home learning resources page - Wider Opportunities - to get some ideas and inspiration. Remember to send me your photos so I can share them with your peers! 


Picture 1 Arthur Rec H
Picture 2 Naseema Y3E
Picture 3 Christopher Y4D
Picture 4 Oliver Y3G
Picture 5 Edward Rec T

Challenge 4 

This weeks challenge is to build a boat that floats. You can use whatever materials you like from toilet rolls to Lego but you need to make sure your boat can float! To test if it can float (and prove to me it can) you can fill up a sink and take a picture of it in it! If you really want to see how good it is a floating, try placing a 1p or 2p coin in your boat to see if it still floats.

You can get as creative as you like with this. Have fun! I look forward to seeing what amazing ideas you have. 

Picture 1 Loli Y3G
Picture 2 Defne Y3G
Picture 3 Florence Y2H
Picture 4 Jasminder Rec H
Picture 5 Kavanch Y1P
Picture 6 Karnan Y4D
Picture 7 Branavan Y1P
Picture 8 Emerick Y2D
Picture 9 Naseema Y3E
Picture 10 Ellie Rec T
Picture 11 Ellie Rec T
Picture 12 Tristan Y3E
Picture 13 Arthur Rec H

Elias Y2D

Still image for this video

Isaac Y4D

Still image for this video

Challenge 5 

This new challenge has been inspired by 2 pupils from TPA (Poppy Y4 and Kitty Y1) who have been leaving painted pebbles with messages and pictures around Twickenham and our school. 


During half term collect some pebbles or rocks - these might be from your garden or from a walk that you might go on – and decorate them! Can you make a pebble family? Can you design beautiful patterns on them? Can you recreate any book characters you know on pebbles? Can you draw your favourite gaming logos on them? You could decorate them with paint, chalk, crayons, felt tips and any other ideas you might have. Take a photo of your pebbles and send them to me so I can upload them on here for all to see.

Picture 1 Kitty Y1P and Poppy Y4D
Picture 2 Anya Y3G
Picture 3 Naseema Y3E