Welcome to Twickenham Primary Academy: The school is now closed to pupils apart from vulnerable children and those whose parents are critical workers

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GEMS Twickenham Primary School held its official opening ceremony on Friday, 4 November.


Attending the ceremony were Mayor of Richmond David Linnette, Twickenham MP Tania Mathias and South Twickenham Councillor Clare Head.


Cllr Clare Head said: “Like many of you here this is a very joyful and happy occasion; perhaps one that we didn’t think would happen quite so quickly.”


She added: “I am delighted to see so many of you here and I know that the school is going to go from strength to strength.”


Twickenham MP Tania Mathias said: “This borough has always had some of the best primary schools and so it is very heartening to see this new school showing excellence already.


“What’s impressed me most is the attitude of the head and the staff. I am also very impressed with the links already established with local councillors and local residents, which is vital in our community.


“The only problem I think this school might have is that it is so good it will become very popular and oversubscribed.”


Mayor of Richmond David Linnette said: “It is wonderful to be here at the start of a new school. On behalf of the council, I am delighted it has opened and increased the choice of good schools for parents. He also made the following comments:


“I look forward to coming back here when there are 400 pupils in this school.


“The children have been delightful and every child I have met has shaken my hand. They are well behaved and a credit to their school.


“I look forward to seeing the academic and pastoral results. The school is not just here for children to learn but to create good people.


“I look forward to future councillors and mayors coming out of this school.”