Welcome to Twickenham Primary Academy: The school is now closed to pupils apart from vulnerable children and those whose parents are critical workers

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Extracurricular Activities


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Beyond the classroom, every GEMS School offers enriching experiences and extra-curricular activities. All round pupils, all round the year, pupils of all ages can take part in activities to pursue their interests, and have the chance to develop and explore new ones.


From creative and performing arts to subject extensions and sporting activities we offer a range of activities to suit every energetic young mind. Enriching extra-curricular activities build children's aspirations, give them foundation and transferable skills and help them make new friends in the school and have fun. 


Extra-curricular activities


  • A wide range of age appropriate clubs are offered both before and after school for Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils.
  • Including sewing, computer coding, chess, pottery and even mindfulness!
  • Eco-Committee


Extra Curricular Provision currently includes


  • Breakfast Club - 7:45 am onwards
  • Dance and Drama Club
  • Ballet Club
  • Choir
  • Cricket Club 
  • Computing Club
  • French Club
  • Mathematics Soroban Club
  • Cooking Club
  • Mindfulness Club
  • Mixed Football Club
  • Craft Club
  • Netball Club
  • Gymnastics Club
  • Karate Club
  • Animation Club 
  • Multi sports Club
  • Sewing Club
  • Chess Club 
  • Science Club
  • Globe Trotters Club 
  • Iron Bead Club 
  • Spanish Club
  • Pottery Club
  • Piano - Richmond Music Trust
  • Recorder - Richmond Music Trust
  • Guitar - Richmond Music Trust


We also have 'Energy Kidz' on site as an afterschool care provider, and for additional cost your children will be looked after until 6:00pm.



Trips and Visits


  • A series of educational visits each term for each year group
  • Directly linked to our topic work for example a Tudors topic may include a trip to the Golden Hinde in Clink Street to experience a mock ship battle against the Spanish.
  • Our location gives us access to a wealth of historic and educational institutions in London and around the school, for example, Richmond Park, Orleans House,
  • Activities with local businesses eg pizza making at Ask Italian Restaurant, nutrition workshops at Heavenly Dish and assisting shoppers at Sainsbury’s to support their food bank initiative.
  • Residential trips for our Key Stage 2 pupils.

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