Welcome Back to the Autumn Term

GEMS Twickenham Primary Academy

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Maths is a very important subject area in life inside and outside the classroom. Bearing this in mind we seek to teach maths through the use of practical equipment where the children can develop and apply their Mathematical skills and knowledge. Children are given the opportunities to experiment with equipment and record their results. Children work with a different mix of whole class, group, shared or individuals on different days. They are provided with ample opportunity to share their ideas, results and recordings with each other. We aim to give our children an extremely solid grounding before moving onto more complicated mathematical concepts. This will give them the confidence to build on skills already gained. Based on the new curriculum and the Maths for Mastery model by the White Rose Maths Hub, we are ensuring children gain an in depth understanding of maths by teaching fluency, reasoning and problem solving.


There are extra activities throughout the year to promote mathematical skills and thinking including participation in World Maths Day.