Welcome to Twickenham Primary Academy. The school is now closed for the Easter Holidays and will reopen on Tuesday 20th April 2021

GEMS Twickenham Primary Academy

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At TPA, we strive to ensure that our Mathematics curriculum is meaningful and purposeful. We recognise that Maths is a very important subject area in life inside and outside the classroom. With this in mind, we seek to give children opportunities to learn through practical equipment, where children can develop and apply their mathematical skills and knowledge. As well as working with practical, concrete resources, teachers also give children the opportunity to work with pictorial representations. Using both practical and pictorial resources allows children to develop a fundamental solid foundation before moving onto more abstract concepts.


Based on the new curriculum and the Maths for Mastery model by the White Rose Maths Hub, we are ensuring children gain an in depth understanding of Maths by teaching fluency, reasoning and problem solving.


We aim to give children a solid grounding of fluency, involving fundamental number facts and relationships which are the foundation of future work in Mathematics. As a result of having a fluent understanding of concepts, children feel more confident and competent when moving onto more complicated areas of Maths. They are also able to apply their knowledge with increasing ease when reasoning and solving problems.


Throughout the school, we use a variety of different teaching methods to engage and enthuse children in a Mathematics curriculum that is suited to their needs. Children work with a different mix of whole class, group, shared or individuals on different days. They are provided with ample opportunities to share their ideas, results and recordings with each other. Children are encouraged to discuss their reasoning using key mathematical vocabulary. Teachers question the children, giving them opportunities to explore and articulate their understanding.

In order to further promote Mathematical skills and thinking, there are extra activities throughout the school year, including World Maths Day. On this day, the children have the opportunity to experience Mathematics in real life contexts and take part in a variety of activities that broaden their knowledge, skills and experience with Maths.