The school will reopen on June 1st for specific groups of children in Reception and Year 1.

GEMS Twickenham Primary Academy

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Home Learning Gallery

Learning from Home.... 

As our children continue to learn from home, please do take a look to see all the wonderful activities that are happening within our families.


Picture 1 Elodie`s classroom
Picture 2 Artist in the making
Picture 3 Having fun building dens
Picture 4 Both of us busy at work
Picture 5 Completing my school work
Picture 6 Creating NHS Thank you posters
Picture 7 Concentrating hard on the work
Picture 8 Tearing her hair out at home schooling
Picture 9 Enjoying the set work
Picture 10 A scientist in the making
Picture 11 First virtual guitar lesson for Poppy
Picture 12 Time to learn about easter
Picture 13 Keeping busy
Picture 14 Learning in the sun
Picture 15 Learning together
Picture 16 Making pizza
Picture 17 Helping with the daily chores
Picture 18 Maths! All by myself!
Picture 19 Time to bake!
Picture 20 Thank you to our NHS
Picture 21 Sewing project
Picture 22 Fun Covid-19 ball game made by Hailey
Picture 23 NASA Space ship
Picture 24 Online learning
Picture 25 Thank you to our NHS!
Picture 26 PE with Joe Wicks
Picture 27 Playing a song on the tuba for his great gandma
Picture 28 Showing off the answer to a riddle
Picture 29 Supporting our NHS
Picture 30 Time to measure
Picture 31 Treasure Hunt
Picture 32 Window art
Picture 33 I can write all my numbers
Picture 34 It's my life size twin
Picture 35 outdoor exploring in the woods
Picture 36 Phonics (English and German)
Picture 37 Supporting the NHS
Picture 38 Finnley hosting an online quiz for his friends