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Who we are


GEMS Learning Trust is an education charity with Academy Sponsorship status, approved by the Department for Education established to deliver high-performing free schools and academies. Our people are education experts with 15 years or more of experience in their chosen specialism, and provide support for creating new schools and academies, delivering high-quality education and improving educational outcomes in sponsored academies.


Most recently, our second school opened in September 2015 in Didcot (Oxfordshire), and we will open our third in Kingston (Kingston upon Thames) in September 2019.


You can read more about GEMS Learning Trust here. 


f you would like more information about the GEMS Learning Trust and/or other GEMS schools please get in touch. The address for correspondence with the Chair of Governors is:

Chair of Governors | Twickenham Primary Academy | 2nd Floor, St Albans House | 57 – 59 Haymarket | London | SW1Y 4QX