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GEMS Twickenham Primary Academy

Inspiring Education and Achievement for Life

GEMS Education

Learning pioneers


From simple roots, GEMS has grown to become one of the world's biggest independent education providers. From the Middle East to Asia - GEMS operate leading international independent schools in six regions globally.


GEMS Education are educators first, driven by a single purpose to put a quality education within the reach of every child. From a single school founded by teachers 55 years ago, they now operate in 14 countries and are driven by the passion of over 13,000 educators.


GEMS are pioneers. Whether in the schools, as a change agent in the work they do with governments, or with the Varkey foundation that champions and trains teachers around the world. GEMS don't just look at a student or the world as they are. They see what they could be.


GEMS are proud to be affiliated with the GEMS Learning Trust and share their values and extensive network of support.


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