Welcome to Twickenham Primary Academy. The school is now closed for the Easter Holidays and will reopen on Tuesday 20th April 2021

GEMS Twickenham Primary Academy

Inspiring Education and Achievement for Life


We are committed to the broadest educational offering, and that means looking beyond the National Curriculum. A very successful enrichment programme that draws upon a wide range of adult skills is offered through school trips, visiting specialists and themed days and weeks.


Each year group will take part in a variety of workshops throughout the academic year. These will link to their topic work or to a whole school theme. We invite specialists from a range of institutions eg the Science Museum, the National Physical Laboratory and the Orange Tree Theatre. We also have links with small independent educationalists like The Bug Man. We undertake an audit of parental skills each year and this enables us to form connections with new organisations or to facilitate a workshop/talk led by a parent.


Once a term we vertically group the children into their House groups for a morning of themed activities eg art, sport, music, history. The house and vice house captains are planning the theme in conjunction with the senior leader team taking pupils` preferences and suggestions into account. Typically the morning will begin with a whole school assembly to set the scene and four activities will follow in the afternoon.


We also have themed weeks throughout the year. Healthy Living week falls in January to help boost exercise and good nutrition at a time when the winter might take its toll on both. Pupils take part in an Enterprise Week in the summer term. Each class is given a budget which they use to prepare items to sell at a Parents Market. They are required to cost their product, to show their profit etc.


Themed days are also incorporated into curriculum. These may be designed to fit with national initiatives eg World Maths Day, to match with events in the UK eg a national election and also to highlight our curriculum subjects eg Art Day.


Twice a year we replace the home learning timetable with a whole school home learning project. This lasts for two weeks during which pupils can respond in a variety of ways (prose, poetry, model making, graphic design etc) to a STEAM or THEME linked statement eg Up and Down.