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Partnering with universities and local businesses is important to us. It brings a real-world focus into the way we develop our curricula, and ensures that we create opportunities for our pupils which they may not otherwise have.


GEMS Twickenham Primary Academy welcomes the opportunity to speak to local businesses, who might help us create these opportunities, as well as sponsor our pupils and events.


We will also work closely with English, Mathematics and Science teachers, from local secondary schools, so that our Years 6 and 7 teachers have the opportunity to share best practice and focus on developing the best curriculum possible.


At GEMS we believe all children should have access to a quality education. You can find out more about the pupil premium at GEMS Twickenham Primary Academy on our Pupil Premium page.


Do you have a local business or know some great contacts who could help our pupils to gain the skills they will need for secondary school and their future careers? We would love to speak to you.