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GEMS Twickenham Primary Academy

Inspiring Education and Achievement for Life

Class organisation

Establishing a school with a growing local community identity



Number of classes, class sizes and class names


Reception (Early Years) 2 classes 30 pupils in each


Turner & Hepworth

Key Stage 1 (KS1)      
Year 1 2 classes 30 pupils in each

Children’s writers

Potter & Dahl

Year 2 2 classes 30 pupils in each


Darwin & Hawking

Key Stage 2 (KS2)      
Year 3 2 classes 30 pupils in each


Glennie & Elgar

Year 4 2 classes 30 pupils in each


Austen & Dickens

Year 5  2 classes 30 pupils in each


Nightingale & Moore

Year 6  2 classes 30 pupils in each


Shakespeare & Pinter


Vertical Grouping 


Pupils are placed in a House when they join the school and stay in that House until they leave. Siblings are not necessarily allocated to the same House. There are 4 Houses named after inspirational people:


House  Colour
Pankhurst Green
Shackleton Turquoise
Gandhi Maroon
Parks Yellow


Pupils take part in a range of Inter-House competitions eg poetry, photography, netball and they can earn House Points for progress, achievement, individual thought and exemplary behaviour.


Each term the weekly timetable is suspended for a morning or afternoon to enable all pupils to take part in a themed House Day eg healthy living, exploring different cultures and art. House T shirts are worn for House Days and key competitions.


A member of staff is responsible for coordinating each house.


Pupils in Year 6 will become Head of House and Deputy Head of House via a pupil election process. This will involve the preparation of a campaign speech.


Differentiation and Setting


All lessons are differentiated to provide for pupils or groups in the class who are:


  • Gifted and Talented
  • More Able
  • Average Ability
  • Less Able


Teachers choose names for each group to suit the subject being taught:


  • Maths shapes & numbers
  • English writers & poets
  • Science atoms & comets


Setting for English, Mathematics, Science and the Modern Foreign Language begins in Key Stage 2. Differentiation also takes place within each set.