Welcome to Twickenham Primary Academy. The school is now closed for the Easter Holidays and will reopen on Tuesday 20th April 2021

GEMS Twickenham Primary Academy

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Art has a very important place in our curriculum and is weaved into our half termly topics as often as possible. We see art as a vehicle for creativity and individual expression and it provides opportunities for individual and collaborative work. It is an important form of cultural expression and, therefore, has significance and meaning for all our children.

Our teaching provides an understanding of all the diverse art forms so that the children experience drawing, painting, collage, textiles, 3D designs, printmaking and digital media. We follow the national curriculum for our art and design syllabus however we do enhance it and add some of our own touch to the guidelines. They will be introduced to the Great Masters and a wide variety of other artists and their styles.

We have focused on encouraging an art history element to most of our art and design lessons. Trips to our wonderful London galleries and the fabulous local Orleans House Gallery are organised, where appropriate.

We have Art Days with a whole school focus to further promote and enhance our skills, knowledge and understanding in this subject. We will work towards Artsmark targets and participate in competitions such as the superb Young Art held by Cancer Research UK.